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Mission Statement

The mission of Perris Lake High School is to successfully educate students and to develop academic and social skills, while nurturing self-confidence in an atmosphere of mutual respect and high expectations.

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Principal’s Message to the Class of 2014:

You have to have P.U.R.P.O.S.E

  1. P – Plan – place a vision, plan, in your mind no matter how big or small

  2. U – Unfriend – unfriend all the negativity and those holding you down and back
  3. R – Re-define- after you unfriend, you re-define yourselves, no one to impress any longer, no more high school drama, you are an adult now!
  4. P – Prepare – do little things (like volunteer your time) that will get you to those big dreams!
  5. O – Opportunities – take every opportunity to learn, work, grow
  6. S – Self-determination- you need the courage to move forward, you need to be determined to do what is best for your family and yourself
  7. E – Engage, Explore, Enjoy, Everyday- engage life, now is your future…


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Upcoming Events

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